Cattle Station Energy Systems

We specialise in providing power solutions to Cattle farms.  These solutions include cattle station energy systems, cattle station solar systems and cattle station renewable energy systems.


Off grid solar systems

Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

Stand Alone Power Systems are installed mostly in rural areas where connection to the utility grid is too costly or not practical. System cost is subject to daily energy requirements, components selected & your budget. We have over 30 years of experience in the design & installation of Remote Power Systems, we ourselves have lived for many years off grid — we don’t just live it, we breathe it!.


Micro Hydro systems

Micro Hydro systems in either battery charging to 1000 watts or direct 240v up to 20 kW.

Hydro power is an old established method of energy production. Water is captured via a filter / intake structure and passes downhill in a pipeline to the turbine. The water exits the pipe under pressure through a nozzle and strikes a water wheel (runner). The force of which spins the runner which is direct coupled to an electricity generating permanent magnet alternator or enhanced performance induction generator. The electricity is then electronically regulated and transmitted via cable for use.


Hybrid Solar Systems

A Solar Hybrid system is a Solar Power system that has the capability to produce energy and store it for use at a later period. It combines several elements (Solar, Batteries, backup generator or the grid) and further down make that: generator or grid backup automatically without any input from the property owner to produce an energy system to power your home. Most hybrid systems will also have a device either built into the inverter or that is installed into the switchboard which monitors your energy usage and talks to your hybrid inverter so it knows when is the best time to charge or discharge the batteries. The system also has an intelligent management system that balances battery levels, household power usage and grid back up without any input from the home owner.

Hybrid Solar/generator systems for:

  • Large working cattle properties
  • Remote mining villages
  • Properties that currently works off generator
  • Properties that has frequent mains power outages and fluctuations



REC solar panels

REC panels set the industry benchmark for quality, supported by stringent internal testing, third-party certifications and endorsements, and an industry-leading low claims rate.

Reliability of a European brand

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC has grown to become the largest European brand of solar panels. With around 20 million panels produced and a dependable warranty, REC has solid foundations and a bright future in the solar industry.

Cattle station energy systems

AERL maximiser regulators

Ultra low-loss, high efficiency thermal designs with peak efficiencies of over 99% make AERL controllers the most efficient on the market.

Robust design combined with world class manufacturing standards ensure AERL controllers perform reliably in the field.

Australian Made
Designed and manufactured onshore in Australia under strict quality control standards in a certified ISO 9001 facility.

Cattle station energy systems

Selectronic inverters

Selectronic Australia has grown through a philosophy of providing products and solutions that focus on the customer needs and today this second generation family company manufactures a world class range of highly innovative and functional interactive inverters. Using advanced technologies, Selectronic Australia’s products form the heart of efficient, cost effective storage based renewable energy systems including Solar Hybrid and Off Grid systems.
ABB AC coupled controllers

Cattle station energy systems

BAE (German manufactured) batteries

BAE solar batteries are used in renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic power generation. They are used in hybrid applications as well as in stand-alone photovoltaic systems, which include a very wide range of sizes and application fields. So BAE solar batteries have been proven in industrial energy systems even under extreme conditions as well as in private households, e.g. to increase the content of self consumed solar PV energy.

BAE offers low maintenance VLA batteries with liquid electrolyte as well as maintenance free batteries in VRLA-GEL technology. Due to the high cyclic requirements batteries with positive tubular plates are used only. Moreover BAE is able to supply tailor-made solutions.

Cattle station energy systems

Yanmar diesel generators

With over 100 years experience in the manufacture and development of world class power products, Yanmar is one of the most trusted names in diesel generators.

Cattle station energy systems

Kubota diesel generators

The Kubota range of diesel generators are powered by genuine Kubota engines, renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. With a wide range of generators available, from 6 kVA through to 30kVA, the compact range offers a solution for almost every application including residential, commercial, industrial, mining and rental. Kubota generators are designed with the user and environment in mind, with ease of maintenance and transportation, user safety, reduced emissions and a quieter operation, while offering years of exceptional performance and fuel economy.

Cattle station energy systems